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Germany INA

INA bearing belongs to give FuLe groups Germany "INA" bearing company, founded in 1946, the headquarters in Germany the nuremberg. Germany "INA" bearing the company since its inception, has been committed to the innovation of the product to meet customers needs and provide high quality guarantee, make it become the global rolling bearing primary suppliers and car makers recognized partner. At present, the German "INA" bearing the company has more than 30 factories, more than thirty thousand employees, the development of widely products: rolling bearing, sliding bearings, linear guide rail system, high precision products, engine parts. The products in industries including agricultural machinery industry, construction industry, water and wind engineering industry, construction machinery industry, machine tool and manufacturing machinery industry, material processing and packaging industry, port engineering industry, power tool industry, gearbox industry, semiconductor industry, pump and fan industry, industrial robots and automation industry, rubber, plastics, chemical industry, textile industry, tractor industry, woodworking machinery industry, etc. The exquisite rolling bearing technology, craft advanced production factory, the high quality superior quality standards make "INA" bearing in global prestigious and lasts long. In ten million times in actual application has been proved. "INA" bearing products are both costs and benefits of a reliable machine, "INA" bearing is both cost and efficiency of the machinery of a reliable, "INA" bearing for rotation movement and linear motion and various specialized technology to provide all kinds of different size series. For all other special technology to provide each different size series, the design of the industry to provide the valuable support.

Low friction cylindrical roller bearing

Low friction cylindrical roller bearing LSL ZSL and is the single, conform to keep bearing size series. 23. This bearing integral outer ring has two raised edge, and inner circle is only one raised edge. Inner circle is removed, it is more convenient bearing installed. Disc type keep frame or pad is avoid cylindrical roller in the roll touch each other.


Take stop ring groove cylindrical roller bearing

A stop ring groove cylindrical roller bearing is full of outfit from reserve components, it includes an internal and external circle, cylindrical roller and raised edge to guide the sealing ring.

Outer ring has a card slot. Inner circle axial off, 1 mm wide than outer ring, by the inside of the common involved in steel support.


Cross roller bearings

Cross roller bearings are used for precision application, according to DIN616 standard, bearing the bearing its size with ISO size 18 series, is by the outer, inner circle, rolling components and plastic mat piece of composition. Outer ring is open to, and by three card support ring.