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China Haerbin HRB

Harbin bearing manufacturing Co., LTD. Is the Harbin city peoples government for approval, in August 28, 2007 was registered. Harbin bearing manufacturing Co., LTD. Through the effective consolidation ha shaft assets, has the advanced scientific research technology, sophisticated technology and equipment, perfect market marketing system and the well-known HRB brand. Years accumulation history, wisdom condensed harvest. After more than half a century of development, ha axis has formed by the aerospace bearing, railway passenger speed bearings, precision machine tool spindle bearing, mine metallurgy bearing products led the ten type 7000 DuoGe kinds and specifications of bearing product system. The company iso9001-2000, GJB9001A-2001 and TS16949 2002 standard quality management system authentication, establish and perfect the scientific standard quality guarantee system. HRB bearing successively obtains "China famous brand", "the most competitive brand" and exempt from inspection shall be enterprise and so on award. Ha axis has class enterprise technology center, and has a number of highly qualified, have experience, good at study of scientific research and development team, has the domestic the strongest developed ability, and Harbin industrial university, scientific research institutions and formed the cooperation of relationship. Research and development completed a number of national key research projects, especially for the shenzhou iv, the shenzhou vi, the no. 7 shenzhou manned spacecraft and the long March 2 F rocket, "charng-ers no.1" satellite provide supporting. He developed the shaft speed railway passenger cars bearing production was mor confirmed as appointed manufacturer. He developed new axis YRT series CNC machine tool spindle bearing, fill a blank in China, realize the localization. In high low temperature, anticorrosion, high-speed wear-resisting, etc DuoGe bearing a breakthrough technology, has a 5 types DuoZhong 600 products gain national, provincial, municipal scientific progress and the quality product award to the national defense industry and equipment manufacturing industry made significant contributions. According to the government of provinces and cities to determine the equipment manufacturing industry the "eleventh five-year plan for requirements, Harbin bearing manufacturing Co., LTD in Harbin hulan economic development zone and the land of 620000 square meters, plans to invest 2.1 billion yuan, by technical innovation and new project implementation, in three to five years to finish the construction of modern bearing industrial park. Through consolidating and developing the aerospace bearing, machine tool precision bearings, railway passenger bearing, mine metallurgy mechanical bearing product advantage; Adjust improve home appliance to mute the bearings, industrial motor bearing, tapered roller bearing and other products car level; Focus on the research and development of wind power bearing, heavy nc machine precision bearings, high speed railway bearings, large engineering machinery van bearing and so on the new product, formation of the bearing capacity of 56 million sets of production ability and to achieve the sales income is 3 billion yuan. Harbin bearing manufacturing Co., LTD. Hold country of the development of the equipment manufacturing industry important strategic opportunity for development, adhere to take a new road to industrialization, will build a company with international competitiveness of modern enterprise group.

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