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Japan NMB

Minebea Co., LTD. Was established in 1951, is the first of a special miniature ball bearings.

Minebea is the worlds leading manufacturer of miniature and small size ball bearings, to 22 mm diameter, worldwide market share of more than 60%. Also includes an extensive line of choice, bearing rod-end spherical bearing and other aviation market.

Rotating parts Minebea composed of the second pillar dates back to operation and more than three years. The main products in this category include fans and blowers, brush dc, stepping motor. Most of the components used for Minebea small motor from mechanical components, such as ball bearings, shaft and gear, extrusion parts, such as frame and rotor, plastic injection molded parts, die-casting parts and internal production, to the magnet Minebea are unmatched advantage in quality, and supply capacity, lead time and the manufacturing cost.

NMB bearing features: the ultra precision processing and mass production technology Minebea has brought together in the past fifty years make it to a level of precision cant compare with rivals to use the techniques of other body parts production.