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Japan THK

A brief outline of THKs history, including major turning points and product timelines.
1.Established In 1971, THK was established in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, under its first name, Toho Seiko Co., Ltd.
2.In 1972, THK became the first company in the world to develop a method of linear motion with rolling contact, and began manufacturing and selling the commercialized result: Linear Motion (LM) Guides.
3.In 1977, THKs Kofu Plant -- the first full-scale LM Guide production plant -- was established. This was THKs first step in expanding production facilities.
4.To meet increased market demands, established the Gifu Plant in Japan in 1984. And, established the Mie Plant and the Yamaguchi Plant in Japan in 1985 for further enhancement of our manufacturing capacity
5.To meet increased demands from global markets, established THK Manufacturing of America in the United States and, in 2000, THK Manufacturing of Europe in France. have expanded globalization of the manufacturing system to quickly respond to local needs.
6.World tetra-lateral system (Japan, Europe, Americas and Asia)

Major products:Linear motion systems (e.g. LM Guide and Ball Spline), Ball Screw, XY Tables, Link Balls, and Rod Ends